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    Park Lane enjoys full benefits of Office 365 with Superhub friendly support

    The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel (Park Lane), is a home away from home located at the center of Causeway Bay for global jetsetters and discerning business travelers. Its modern design with the view of Victoria Harbor and Kowloon Skyline makes Park Lane one of the signature urban hotels in Hong Kong.

    Park Lane had subscribed Office 365 from other service provider, but they are unsatisfied since their office and hotels staffs could not receive the support they needed. The lack of support left Park Lane paralyzed when technical issue raised, daily operations and communications were obstructed.

    Superhub offers free consultancy service and gives suitable advices to help Park Lane enhance the usage of Office 365 quickly, so to enjoy smooth communications with Office 365 applications and email platform, take full advantages of Office 365.

    As a CSP Direct Partner, Superhub is empowered to offer flexible billing methods (monthly, quarterly and yearly), it can ease the financial burden on Park Lane and help them to stay focus on their business.


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    Worldteam Corporation enhances email security with Office 365 ATP

    Worldteam Corporation Limited (Worldteam Corporation) is a trading company experienced in importing and exporting high quality fashion and high-end brands worldwide, it brings customers surprises and satisfies the needs of fashion lovers.

    Worldteam Corporation had been using Office 365 provided by other service provider, however, they did not receive much support services needed, so they could not enjoy the maximum benefits from O365. This is especially a problem when they did not receive much help after being attacked by Ransomware. They did not know what to do to recover their hijacked files, nor how to prevent themselves from future Ransomware attacks.

    Superhub offers Worldteam Corporation O365+ with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), so that they can enjoy the maximum benefits of Office 365 with all-rounded support service and protection against the latest cyberattacks in real time at once. As a Microsoft CSP Direct Partner, Superhub delivers support service to Worldteam Corporation with quick responses and rich backup support resources from Microsoft, eases IT burden of maintenance and helps Worldteam Corporation using Office 365 to its full potential.

    "Superhub is always ready to provide friendly support to overcome challenges Worldteam Corporation faces. We save their IT team time and effort, and they can explore more features and functions in Office 365." said Jesse, Business Manager of Superhub.


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    Superhub O365+ enhances mobility and communications of Pentagon Technology

    Pentagon Technology (Asia) Limited (Pentagon Technology) was established by a team of specialists in standby power design and operation, power quality improvement and computer room preparation projects with over 20 years of experience.

    Pentagon Technology had used hosted Linux mail services for years, until they have noticed that email delay slowed down their business seriously. They found it hard to provide quick responses to partners and customers, causing damages to their reputation. Also, small storage size of mailboxes caused them pain especially when business was expanding.

    Superhub delivered O365+, a one-stop cloud solution combines Office 365 with Superhub's 24x7 on-going support. Besides solving the mailbox limitation with 50GB storage, Pentagon Technology staffs can now access the cloud-based Office 365 applications and communicate smoothly through emails anytime anywhere without delays.

    "It is a milestone for Pentagon Technology to migrate from hosted Linux mail to Office 365. We provide professional consultation, pre-migration assessment, deployment, migration and on-going support, which can give Pentagon Technology peace of mind from A to Z. We deliver professional and friendly support to help them have the best experience during their first journey to the Cloud." said Eric, Senior Business Manager of Superhub.


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    Mail Vault protects Target Insurance's business critical emails

    Target Insurance Company Limited (Target Insurance) was incorporated in 1977 focusing on motor insurance. It was ranked first in terms of motor insurance gross premium income in 2010, and has been staying in top three every year ever since.

    Most of the emails are business-critical to Target Insurance, and it is important for their customer service team, account managers and management to be able to check their emails or inquiries from customers time to time. Small mailbox storage hindered smooth communications externally and internally, and it was also distressing to always stay alert when the email storage limit was almost reached. There was no compliance-meeting solution to manage and centralize all emails in one place, it might affect company audit and operations when needed. Thus, they had been seeking a complete email archiving solutions that could combine with cloud communications and collaboration.

    Superhub offers Office 365 and Mail Vault to solve Target Insurance's mailbox storage size and backup problems. Mail Vault, is a cloud-based business-class email archiving solution that can seamlessly integrate with wide range of email systems, including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps and more. Target Insurance now enjoys unlimited archived email storage with 7 years retention period, following HIPAA and SOX compliance, which facilitates compliance audits and investigatory operations. All staffs are able to search and retrieve emails back to their own mailboxes from a tamperproof centralized storage.

    Charged on monthly basis, Superhub's pay-as-you-go services give Target Insurance high financial flexibility, while saving its hardware and software investments. "Happy users of Target Insurance enjoy the full set of functions and features from Office 365 including 50GB mailbox. Together with Mail Vault, they do not have to worry about mailbox storage anymore, and its continuous availability also helps saving time costs and man-hours as a remote backup and disaster recovery solution." said Jesse Hong, Business Manager of Superhub.


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    Megaman x O365+ Smart Cloud Solution for Smart Lighting Solution

    Global brand of energy-efficient lighting products, industry pioneer which developed the first classic shaped CFL, Megaman has its products widely distributed in more than 90 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, North and South America, USA and Canada. Over 20 years of development, now it boasts the revolutionary Smart Lighting Solution, a full range of metal halide replacement LEDs, LED components and luminaries.

    Given such an exemplary company in its profession, the focus on core business would be shifted when managing the IT operation is a concern, let alone considerable time invested on IT admin to keep abreast.

    Easily Accessible & Flexible Budget

    O365+ is a one-stop cloud solution that combines Office 365 with Superhub value-added service, which includes consultation, onboarding, migration and 7X24 on-going support. "It enables them best of the cloud benefits from Office 365 applications, like SharePoint, latest version of Office applications, large mailbox & storage, convenience of Active Sync etc. They are accessible anywhere anytime , with various devices like PC, Mac, tablets and mobile devices, so cloud communication and collaborative platform shared among staffs can be easy and boundless," said Anfernee, Senior Business Manager of Superhub. "So, we believe O365+ exactly suits Megaman's needs for its efficiency, mobility and flexibility."

    General Manager of Megaman, Mr. Matthew Chu also agreed. "Exchange ActiveSync enables our staffs to receive enquiries from colleagues or clients in real time wherever they are, and they can respond immediately. Also, even when we go on-site, we can still access company emails and schedules with our mobile phones." Our dedicated account manager and technical support service take good care of clients' needs. Flexible payment option is also one of the reasons Megaman chose Superhub to be their service provider. Instead of a one-off payment, they can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly, whichever best suits their business needs.

    All in all, Superhub offers a complete cloud solution for workplace, rich support resources from both Superhub and Microsoft , flexible payment methods, fast responses and great friendly support to clients.


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    HKSI - Financial Professional's Choice of One-Stop Office 365 Solution with Superhub's Support

    Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) has chosen to upgrade their existing Superhub Hosted Exchange Email Service to O365+, aiming to cater growing business and to bring efficiency to daily operations.

    Established in HK since 1997, HKSI helps developing finance professionals with extensive training, events, and internationally recognized examinations. Professional support and recognition from industry peers can be gained as a HKSI member. With the increasing number of finance participants, the workload on daily operations and IT department has increased.

    Superhub has been supporting HKSI with years of Hosted Exchange Email service, and the feedback on service quality and ongoing professional support is positive. So, when HKSI had the need to upgrade their IT system, Superhub was their first choice.

    Easy IT Maintenance & Optimize Daily Operations

    O365+, a one-stop cloud communication and collaboration platform with professional and dedicated support from Superhub, enhances the performance of staffs and allow them to enjoy the maximum benefits of Office 365.

    "The main attraction of Superhub O365+ to HKSI is that they have limited internal IT support, up-to-date knowledge nor time for the latest versions of O365 ," said Jo, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business of Superhub. As one of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Direct Partner (CSP Direct Partner) in Hong Kong, Superhub has certified engineers, 24x7 technical support, and backup support resources from Microsoft; it can help enhance HKSI's network, workplace efficiency, and peace of mind.

    HKSI has even stored all documents and training materials in SharePoint, all parties with permission can access or co-author at the same time without confusing different versions.

    Key Points

    1. Cloud Solution Provider rich in experience & resources

    2. Quality service

    3. One-stop cloud solution with data migration

    4. Ease the IT burden

    5. Peace of mind to focus on core business

    6. 24x7 ongoing support

    "We have a long relationship with HKSI and understand their business needs intimately. We are glad to be their IT friend." said Jo, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business of Superhub.


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    Germton x O365+ Add-on ServiceMail Achieving Service - Secure Email Backup

    Germton Enterprises Limited chose our O365+ solution combined with Mail Archiving Service to improve the effectiveness of communication between its Hong Kong and China offices.

    Based in Hong Kong, Germton Enterprises Limited is a manufacturer of toys, infant items, bags, and premium gifts since 1987. It has 5 divisions, including plush toys, infant apparel, bedding, bags and wooden products, with customers from the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Hong Kong and China.

    For years, Germton had run its email system with in-house Linux for better communication between HK and China, but poor network connection always hindered daily operations, and the company was short of internal IT staffs. Thus, a complete and stable email solution with on-going technical support was in need.

    Smooth Email Access with Backup

    Knowing Superhub's reputation and experience in providing cloud solutions for SME, Germton reached out Superhub for our O365+ plan, a one-stop cloud solution combined Office 365 with value-added service like migration, consultation services and guaranteed 24x7 support.

    After thoroughly studying Germton's problem, our dedicated account manager advised that the most needed solution was not only O365+, but also archiving service for email-backup.

    "Germton has offices and factories in both China and Hong Kong, it is important that all staffs can access their emails without connection issues." said Eric, Senior Business Manager of Superhub. "O365+ helps releasing IT admins from complicated and time-costing maintenance on server, and mail archiving helps Germton to store all emails in a secured place. They can be restored anytime when necessary, and data lost can be prevented."


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    Castco Testing Centre -Enjoy O365+ Benefits with Great Friendly Support

    Castco Testing Centre Limited (Castco), established in 1986 and one of the leading independent commercial laboratories in Hong Kong , provides a wide range of services such as equipment calibration, construction materials testing, chemical testing, environmental testing, food testing, ground investigation and materials inspection.

    Castco was using O365 supported by other service provider before they found their expectations were not met. They chose Superhub instead for our trustworthiness and dedication to individual clients that we provide on-going support and separate billing accounts , giving them peace of mind over maintenance.

    Diligent Care for Business Needs

    "I was first reached by Castco and as their dedicated account manager , I work closely with their IT department to ensure our suggested solution can solve their problems just as they needed. When they did not have to worry about the IT aspects , they can truly focus on their core business." said Dorothy, Business Manager of Superhub.

    Superhub dedicated account managers are dedicated to understanding clients' needs and challenges, they would provide the most suitable solutions for different clients in different industries. Furthermore, our certified support team is always ready to answer questions 24x7, saving Castco much IT maintenance and time cost.


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    Superhub O365+ sets Europe Group free from complex operations

    Europe Group Holdings Limited (Europe Group) was established in 1997 serving as an authorized dealer and distributor of more than 40 top luxury watch brands in the world. It has a flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong and operates boutiques in Greater China.

    Before Europe Group adopting Superhub O365+, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was used to store and share documents and reports across main office and branch offices. However, FTP is not the best option for file sharing or team collaboration as it doesn't support real-time synchronization, there are risks of data loss if employees accidentally delete files or overwrite parts of texts without having any backups available while updating or deleting files are very common activities. In order to consolidate multiple documents and reports into one, the back office first had to collect them from all offices via email every day and it was certainly hard work and time consuming. Therefore, Europe Group decided to seek a solution to streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

    Europe Group contacted Superhub, Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider Direct Partner for its newly launched Superhub O365+ that offers value added services such as onboarding, migration, technical and administrative support, etc. to Microsoft Office 365 with a proven track record in delivering worry-free migration including pre-migration consultation and post-migration support.

    With Superhub's help, Europe Group has been migrated to Office 365 smoothly and securely, with no disruption to the business. They are now using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint included in Office 365 at work which allows them to store, share and sync files and create community sites and portals, these strongly help Europe Group engage employees, facilitate communication, increase collaboration and overall productivity as well as getting the benefits from a complete one-stop service solution for end-to-end needs.

    "Superhub O365+ has given Europe Group peace of mind and helped them enhance workplace productivity. They enjoy the new ways to collaborate within organization that Office 365 brings them and fully managed and hassle-free support that Superhub provides, they can now focus on their business growth without worrying much about the complex operations," said Jo, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business of Superhub.


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    Superhub offers Wo Kee smooth Office 365 transition and flexible billing

    Wo Kee Administration Limited (Wo Kee) was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Hong Kong serving as a distributor of high quality, brand-name products including air-conditioning and refrigeration products, audio-visual equipment, car audio and electronic products and other electronic and electrical products in the Asian region.

    Superhub, one of very few Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider in Hong Kong offers Wo Kee a smooth transition to Microsoft Office 365 with more flexible billing options in comparison to its previous service provider.

    "Wo Kee enjoys Superhub's flexible billing options that they can select payment options that they're most comfortable with on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. They can upgrade or downgrade and even add additional users to their plan at any time. For example, they might want to switch from any Business plan to any Enterprise plan after one month subscription, this can be easily accomplished via an upgrade subscription call," said Jesse, Business Manager of Superhub.

    Apart from providing a flexible range of billing options, Superhub, as a Microsoft's Cloud Solutions Direct Partner can directly solicit technical support, obtain latest product knowledge and automated provisioning process from Microsoft and thereby enables faster customer response, richer customer experience and shorter activation turnaround time.


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    IR Global deploys Superhub O365+ for mobility and productivity

    IR Global Roadshow Limited (IR Global) is a subsidiary of Wonderful Sky founded in 2004 and headquartered in Hong Kong, with branch offices across the globe. It provides one-stop roadshow management and public relations services to streamline the communication procedures between all units.

    In order to foster effective communication and collaboration, IR Global was looking for a cloud-based platform for employees to share, edit and work together on projects and to ease the administrative burden of maintaining both its own email server and file server at the same time.

    Since Wonderful Sky was completely satisfied with the products and services that Superhub provides, it suggested IR Global to contact Superhub for an integrated communication and collaboration solution and finally Superhub O365+ was adopted.

    After adopting Superhub O365+, IR Global can now store files and documents in one centralized location and in the Cloud, they can add, edit and delete files that they have access to. Also, they are particularly amazed by the powerful aspect of ActiveSync, a synchronization protocol that enables their mobile device users to access email, calendar, contacts and tasks from Office 365 even when offline, this is especially beneficial to IR Global that has employees working from locations outside office.

    "IR Global can now focus on its core business without worrying about any IT issues and we are delighted to get more and better customer referrals,' said Jo, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business of Superhub.


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    Superhub dedicates account manager to assist Excellent Win's Cloud journey

    Excellent Win International Limited (Excellent Win) was established in 2000 and is specialized in retail and gift packaging.

    In order to increase mobility and unified communications in the workplace so employees can connect to one another, access and share information and knowledge, Excellent Win was looking for a cloud solution with communication and collaboration tools that can help replace their in-house server, to align internal and external communication, collaboration and coordination.

    Excellent Win finally decided to choose Superhub as its Cloud solution provider after evaluating different alternatives for decision making. The major reason why Excellent Win selected Superhub is that Superhub can pair Excellent Win with a dedicated Account Manager and this provides them an exceptional customer experience.

    Superhub's Dedicated Account Manager responds promptly, accurately, and is knowledgeable with all Cloud products and solutions. "Superhub always makes customer service a priority, we listen to our customers, ask them what they want and need and respond to them personally and professionally," said Anfernee, Senior Business Manager of Superhub.

    Apart from providing exceptional customer service, Superhub also offers an email archiving solution that helped Excellent Win to efficiently store, manage and discover organization's information so they can eliminate the time and effort needed for compliance and litigation support. Excellent Win can archive and retrieve emails from Exchange anytime, anywhere from any device and this helps Excellent Win reduce storage costs (eliminate the need for costly and difficult-to-maintain email and storage infrastructure) , increase capability (let the IT team offload the email and retention burden to the cloud) and reduce complexity (make email search and retrieval easy).


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    PizzaExpress onboarding to one-stop cloud service solution with Superhub O365+

    PizzaExpress is a hand crafted real Italian pizza restaurant founded in 1965 and headquarter in London, it serves up pizza to over 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 40 in Europe, Hong Kong, China, India and the Middle East.

    They were running their Linux mail via another hosting service provider before and would like to seek for a stable, reliable and complete one-stop cloud service solution to support their global business and communicates across countries smoothly. Thus, they had reached Superhub for O365+, which combines Office 365 with Superhub's value-added services, included consultancy, migration and on-going support. "Superhub is one of the few appointed Microsoft Direct Partner of CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) in Hong Kong and Superhub have proven to be true professionals in handling the migration as well as providing on-going support. O365+ one-stop service gives them peace mind and helps them focus on their core business." said Anfernee, Business Manager of Superhub. With O365+, PizzaExpress not only enjoys the latest version of Office and Exchange suite on cloud platform, but also the consultancy and health check assessment before migration. These services ensure all mailboxes and related files migrate smoothly and prevent from disrupting daily operation.

    PizzaExpress enjoys the value-added services provided by Superhub as well as the up-to-date version of cloud collaborate platform of Office 365, to smooth the document flow internally, OneDrive enables their staffs to create, co-author, synchronize, share and store document on cloud. Besides, with SharePoint Online, they are able to create team sites and portal, to share and collaborate on content internally as well as with external parties. PizzaExpress have 18 restaurants in Hong Kong, to smooth the communications flow between restaurants and office, Exchange Online helps to keep all the staffs communicate on cloud platform anywhere anytime with no boundaries. To safeguard the process from migration to operation, Superhub offered onsite support to every restaurants and office, take all common challenges in health check, migration, set up and management in Office 365. As Superhub provided 7x24x365 hotline and technical support to address incidents occurred timely, PizzaExpress needed no unnecessary effort and time in finding a solution. Superhub pledges to overcome challenges its client may face and handle them with rich experience.

    "Superhub O365+ is a perfect combination of Office 365 and Superhub's top quality support and valued added services. With Superhub O365+, PizzaExpress makes a huge difference in productivity. Superhub on-going support and services allows them to focus on their core business." Said Anfernee.


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    Superhub promising support service convinced Yazaki migrate to Hosted Exchange

    Yazaki Corporation (Yazaki) is a global automotive parts supplier with focus on wire harnesses, instruments and components such as connectors and terminals. It is one of leading and very established automotive component maker founded since 1941.

    Yazaki used hosted email service provided by their previous hosting service provider, however, lack of reliable service and quality support made Yazaki to seek for a better email service provider. Email is the most important communication platform between Yazaki's Hong Kong and China offices, the poor performance of technical support from previous provider severely impacted their daily operations. "Email connection between Hong Kong and China is crucial to them. Besides, technical support is another key requirement. Superhub's reputation for support excellence and professionalism are the keys to win Yazaki over other competitors." said Eric, Senior Business Manager of Superhub.

    Superhub promised to deliver Hosted Exchange Anywhere in a private cloud environment, takes all common challenges from planning, deployment to maintenance. The fast response and 7x24x365 technical support service committed to address Yazaki's encountered issues complying with high standard of service agreement. IT admin no longer needs to more feel frustrated in spending days on monitoring and tracking for resolution from their previous hosting service provider. Their IT team and users have no worries on security and management from now on, as IT admin can control all company's email account in ease and giving peace of mind to all staffs from Yazaki.

    "Yazaki is happy to have experienced the great improvement on services enabled by Superhub from its previous provider. We are glad to provide an efficient communications platform and be regarded as a trusted advisor on their digital transformation journey. And I am confident that the services we provided will become one of the strength to support their business growth." said Eric.


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    Superhub O365+ enables productive and effective platform to First China Group

    First China Financial Network Holdings Ltd (First China Group) is a company provides a full range of range of financial services and electronic trading platform in China. It provides professional service on global securities and futures brokering, stock information and analysis, corporate finance solutions, etc. which targets Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan market.

    First China Group had maintained their on-premises email for years. However, they faced tremendous difficulty and challenges to retain enough internal technical resource for server maintenance and upgrade and as a result the performance of email server was going downhill. They set out to seek for a cloud communications platform with collaboration tools which can improve not only the communications but also the productivity. Superhub provided First China Group a solution "O365+" beyond what they expect. "Superhub O365+ is a solution which incorporated Office 365 with value-added service and on-going support from Superhub. We provide professional consultancy service, migration service and on-going support service, to help First China Group involve the least human resource in migration and maintenance." said Anfernee, Business Manager at Superhub.

    Moving to Office 365 with Superhub's help, First China Group saved lot of internal resources and can focus its operating and management attention on its own core business growth immediately. Superhub's top-quality support and services took the common challenges and management frustrations away from First China Group, and ensure them a successful transition and peace of mind journey migration to Office 365.


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    BEAM Society Limited chooses Superhub O365+ for smooth and complete communication platform

    BEAM Society Limited (BSL) is the founder and owner of the Building Environmental Assessment Method, BSL plays a key role in the development and implementation of Building Environmental Assessment Method standards for practitioners in all related disciplines, and for individual construction projects.

    To strengthen the business growth and further improve their daily operations efficiency, BSL had decided to move to Superhub O365+ from Superhub Hosted Exchange. They had been Superhub customer for years and Superhub is the first choice to be their Office 365 service provider. "We had proven to be a professional in handling migration and on-going support as it is one of the reasons BSL would like to keep the long-term relationship with us." said Eric, Senior Business Manager at Superhub. O365+ is a one-stop solution combining Office 365 and Superhub's value-added services and on-going support, which included health check, consultancy, migration and technical support services. Superhub's experienced on-boarding team helped to migrate BSL from Superhub Hosted Exchange to Superhub O365+ swiftly and seamlessly without disruption to their daily operations.

    To strengthen both internal and external communication platform, each BSL user now enjoys 50GB large storage mailbox to satisfy the high demand of usage. Office O365's Skype for Business integrates internal communications and corporate contact directory seamlessly and it improves productivity by using interwoven design between voice conferencing, video conferencing, IM function with email.

    "Superhub's top quality support, value-added services and the advanced features of Office 365, have successfully convinced BSL with trust to migrate to use O365+ services successfully. It is a complete one-stop solution to enhance its operations efficiency as well as productivity." said Eric.


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    Success Universe Group Migrates to a Modern Business Productivity Solution with Superhub O365+

    Success Universe Group (Success Group) was founded in the 1990s. The principal businesses and investments of the Group include travel and entertainment-related business, providing a technology services platform and related technical support for sports and welfare lottery businesses as well as providing lottery sales agency services in the People's Republic of China.

    To cater for the Group's development, Success Group wants to improve the productivity and collaboration to strengthen their business growth. Thus, they had decided to move from Superhub Hosted Exchange to Superhub O365+. Success Group had been a Superhub customer for years. Without a doubt, Superhub were chosen to be their Office 365 service provider. "Superhub had proven to be true professionals in handling their migrations as well as providing on-going support." said Anfernee, Business Manager at Superhub. Superhub O365+ is a complete end-to-end Office 365 solution, which combines the Microsoft Office 365 with Superhub's industry leading support and value-added services. With Superhub O365+, they enjoy not only the latest version of Office 365 but also the pre-sales and after sales service, consultancy and health check service before migration process, to ensure the existing systems or software are able to migrate smoothly. With Superhub's professional onboarding services, about 400 users had been migrated smoothly to Office 365 without disruption to the business.

    Superhub takes all the common challenges in setup, migration, and management of Office 365 away from Success Group. With Superhub's 7x24x365 professional support, Superhub is just a call away whenever they need help. Their IT resources are freed up to focus on projects which are core to their business. Besides, the wide range of communications and collaborations tools Office 365 offers has allowed their users to work more effectively and ultimately increased their competitiveness in the market.

    "They were happy that Superhub could fill all their needs. They get the best of both worlds - a modern business productivity solution with top quality support and value-added services." said Anfernee. Success Group can once again focus on what they do best and benefit from increased productivity, and let Superhub manage the technology required for supporting their business.


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    Superhub O365+ Unifies Communications for Future Bright Group

    Future Bright Group (Future Bright) was established in 1984. It is the largest food and beverage enterprise in Macau and there are over 30 restaurants and 1,600 employees.

    Future Bright was running their email via another service provider and maintaining their email backup in-house. They were seeking for a solution which can unify the daily communications flow amongst all users with on-going support. Superhub advised the solution to the Group to move to Microsoft Office 365 as it saves the cost of maintaining servers and pay for the hosting service from time to time, Office 365 is the ideal solution to Future Bright. Furthermore, Superhub provides 24x7x365 technical support service to give them peace of mind.

    The wide range of communications and collaboration tools offered by Office 365 enables the users to work more effectively and increase competitive. Future Bright employed the Skype for Business beside Exchange Online as they requested for a high performance internal and external communication tool. It includes functions of high-quality video conferencing, and it is a leaping improvement on communication effectiveness within the Group.


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    Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong Chooses Superhub for Peace of Mind

    Established in 1934, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) is a non-profit chamber of commerce and one of the most representative industrial associations in Hong Kong. The objectives of CMA are to promote Hong Kong's trade and industrial development, represent industry in the formulation and implementation of government policies, etc.

    CMA was maintaining their own Exchange 2003 servers. However, Exchange 2003 has reached the end of its extended product lifecycle since 2013. The mainstream support for Exchange 2003 was over and they were encountering security challenges from their servers. Considering the costs of upgrading and the resources required for maintenance, it was rather an easy decision for them to migrate to a hosted solution.

    CMA reached Superhub for Hosted Exchange 2013 as the trust worthy brand name, "We have over 140,000 active contact users, this proves our reliability, our rich experience and expertise, and our customers have the confidence to us." said Jo Ho, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business. "With decade of cloud experience, we fully understand what common challenges our customers are facing and what suits their needs best. Limited resources are one of the common challenges faced by many businesses nowadays. Superhub's promising 99.99% uptime guarantee and 7x24x365 support give them peace of mind." "As a Leading Cloud Service Provider, we demonstrate professionalism experience, knowledge and commitment to CMA, to manage the transformation process from migration to running the service smoothly." Jo added.


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    Madison Group Smoothly Migrates to Superhub O365+

    The Madison Group (Madison) was founded in 1996 in Hong Kong as a company representing premium lifestyle brands. The group has collaborated with the region's leading property developers on prestigious residential projects that have become the benchmark of luxury living in the region. The group has operations and retail outlets in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou.

    Madison Group was running their on-premises platform for years. They have suffered from hardware malfunctions and lack of support resources. They seek for a stable and reliable cloud solution to solve their headache.

    "Common problems and occasional server crashes plus lack of IT resources had made maintaining and managing their servers a challenging task. Therefore, they decided to look for a cloud based one-stop solution. They chose Superhub O365+ as we provide professional support and smooth the workflow with rich resources." said Anfernee, Business Manager at Superhub. "It is not worth to spend money and effort on saving an old server nowadays. Superhub O365+ is a tailor made cloud solution with Office 365 services, which companies' do not have to maintain their servers anymore. We provide much more service but not only Office 365, we have consultancy and health check sections before migration, to make sure companies are able to migrate smoothly without losing data or interrupt during working day." explained Anfernee. With strong onboarding and support service from Superhub, Madison migrated to O365+ from their on-premises Exchange 2007 and exiting SharePoint smoothly.

    Madison now enjoys their email uptime and reliability with the latest version that they were looking for. They have no longer carried the burden of managing Exchange's version obsolescence anymore.


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    South China Group Reaches the Cloud with Promising Support from Superhub

    Established in 1976, South China Holdings Company Limited ("SCHC"), is an investment holding company, which engages in trading and manufacturing of toys, shoes, and leather goods, property investment and development, as well as agriculture and forestry. The group was listed in 1984. Over the past 20 years, the management has been successful in doing a variety of businesses in both Hong Kong and China.

    "With the continuous growth and expansion of the Group, rather than doubling down on their existing on-premises systems, SCHC would like to seek out for a solution that are more responsive to their evolving business needs." said Anfernee Chin, Business Manager at Superhub. For SCHC, seeking to gain competiveness and find more success, the accessibility and agility of hosted solution is the clear winner." Anfernee added.

    Superhub has a long history as a provider of reliable hosted email solutions. SCHC has confidence in Superhub to deliver a best-in-class of services. "About 30 users were migrated to Superhub Hosted Exchange during the initial stage. Their plan is to migrate all users in the entire group to the cloud gradually through several phrases, in order to ensure a smooth deployment and minimize uncertainties." Anfernee explained.

    "Due to heavy travels in Mainland China, the SCHC users highly appraise the mobility powered by the new service. Superhub's Anywhere Access enables the users to access their email data anytime, anywhere. It is crucial to keep everyone in sync. This flexibility ensures the entire team is working at the same pace and be ready to take on new challenges." Commented by Anfernee.

    SCHC is a robust corporation with vision. The lower overall IT cost can significantly help the Group experiencing greater advantage from Superhub's cloud solutions. Making a move to the cloud technology enables SCHC to response promptly to information and enhances communication, as well as productivity.


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    Superhub Migrates MTM Fast and Headache-free to Office 365

    MTM (Custom-Blended Skincare) founded in 1991, was originated from the unique Japanese skincare. Researched and developed in Japan, MTM realizes the special needs of Asian skins and developed its business mainly comprising skincare product, facial treatments, and Spa.

    Due to the dissatisfaction and lack of support, MTM was keen on terminating its Hosted Exchange subscription with its pervious provider. "MTM deserves a promising support level and up-to-dated email platform, as well as a creditable IT partner to work with. The latest features of Microsoft Office 365 could fulfill most of MTM's criteria." Said Jo Ho, Deputy Head of Corporate and Partner Business at Superhub.

    "As a well-known and creditable cloud solutions provider in the industry, Superhub was chosen from a shortlist of other Office 365 resellers. More than 100 mailboxes migrated seamlessly to Office 365. During the migration, Superhub played a key role in project management in terms of planning, consultation, and execution. MTM are pleased with the professionalism from Superhub, the transition was implemented smoothly without disruption to the business." Jo described.

    "With the new subscription to Office 365, MTM makes a huge difference in productivity as well as IT cost saving. The wide range of communication and collaboration tools from Office 365 allows the users to concentrate on using their resources more effectively and helps to increase their competitiveness in the market." Jo added.


  • Hosted


    Superhub is Honored to be Chosen as the Most Reliable Hosted Exchange Provider by CP Property

    Founded in 1996, CP Property Services Limited (CPPS) has delivered a full range of services to property investors and owners. The company focuses on enhancing the value of prime commercial and residential properties through a made-to-measure management approach. Their clients include private individuals, offshore companies and investment funds that prefer a discreet and accountable service.

    "CPPS had been using hosted email solutions from other service provider for years. Unfortunately, this service provider had discontinued its service offerings, and zero support will be given to the current customers. Thus, the top priority for CPPS is to recruit a new email hosting services providers who is trustworthy and reliable. After evaluating the offers and performance from various services providers, including renowned telecom giants, CPPS decided to switch to Superhub's Hosted Exchange." Eric Wong, Senior Business Manager was told.

    "50 users had been migrated to Superhub Hosted Exchange successfully. Instead of being helpless in the middle of the road, CPPS now is worry free under the continuous support from Superhub. With no more stress and struggles from the email services, CPPS could resume its effort to focus on its core business and strike for more achievements." Eric concluded.


  • Hosted


    TTG Boosts Productivity and Enjoys Greater Flexibility with Superhub Hosted Exchange

    Incorporated in 1993, TTG is a leading independent private wealth manager, committed to provide unbiased professional investment advices to private clients, companies, trusts and charitable organizations to fulfill their requirements. TTG (HK) Ltd is authorized by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) and the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (CIB).

    "They were running their emails on their on-premises email platform that resides in their overseas headquarter. Network latency, limited bandwidth, and legacy infrastructure are affecting their performance, which are impacting their productivity and efficiency. After considering the cost-effectiveness, resources allocation, and flexibility, cloud based email hosting is simply the best choice for TTG." Said Eric Wong, Senior Business Manager at Superhub.

    "25 users were deployed to the Superhub Anywhere Access package. Once again, Superhub's reputation and professionalism are the keys to win over TTG from other competitors. As the email hosting provider, Superhub takes care of the regular system maintenance and the networks upgrades, so that the TTG IT team no longer has to spend their entire day on trouble-shooting problems and attending to system maintenance.

    In addition, the root problem has been fixed, and the sheer email speed offered by Superhub promotes work efficiency. This empowers the users to access data smoothly and react quickly to the fast changing world.

    TTG also subscribed to Superhub MailCare+ services which provide stronger data protection, better storage efficiency, and better compliance to the company.


  • Hosted


    Superhub Keeps the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Focused on Their Vision and Goals

    Since 1963, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (The HKIB) has been serving the local banking community in the provision of education and training. Professional examinations and training programs are offered for members or bank staffs to equip with the essential skills and knowledge to help them "fast-track" their management career.

    "With an on-premises platform for years, HKIB decided to switch to a more cost-effective, time saving and hassle-free hosted email solution. As HKIB was suffering from limited storage and features of their exiting platform, they were eager to seek for a noticeable improvement in these two areas. In addition, apart from the Institute staffs, many of its users were core members from cross-sections of the banking community, thus flexibility is also a must." said Jo Ho, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business at Superhub.

    With its expertise and experience in the Microsoft Exchange hosting services, Superhub won over its competitors. "HKIB was impressed with Superhub's 99.99% uptime SLA, 24/7 around-the-clock support and proactive customer services. During the decision-making process, HKIB had to make a choice between Superhub's Hosted Exchange and another renowned provider. At last, HKIB decided to move toSuperhub's Hosted Exchange mainly due to our promising support level and professionalism." Jo elaborated.

    "Our engineers worked hand-in-hand with their IT team during the migration process to ensure smooth transition to our platform. Nearly 80 users were deployed to the Superhub Anywhere Access package. Most of their members are bankers who travel frequently. They are always on the move. Superhub's Anywhere Access package enables them to communicate with each other efficiently. To deal with the busy working schedule of each user, time saving is important. The users found the shared mailbox and shared calendar features of the Microsoft Exchange were very practical." added Jo.

    HKIB is an organization that gathers talents from banking and financial industries in Hong Kong. With the numerous benefits from our Superhub Hosted Exchange services, the Institute discovered flexibility, scalability, and agility that could not be engaged with a conventional on-premises solution. As a result, Superhub's cloud solutions enable the Institute to reallocate precious resources to achieve the organization's visions and goals


  • Hosted


    4M Industrial Chooses Superhub Hosted Exchange to Achieve Cost Effectiveness

    4M Industrial is recognized as one of the premium brands in the educational toy trade with its base in Hong Kong. Since 1993, innovation, creativity and positive brand building had become the core of the business. The company strives for excellence and paves a strong relationship worldwide with its partners.

    "4M had a hard time managing their data and emails due to limited storage with its previous provider. To eliminate this major constraint and improve workflow, 4M is determined to make a change - hiring a sizable and highly credible email solution." Anfernee said.

    Anfernee continued: "Among the competitors, including a telecom giant, Superhub was honorably chosen as its new Hosted Exchange services provider because of our outstanding support level and reliable platform."

    After the migration, the increase in storage capacity allows users to archive their emails and data with less concern; they become worry-free about losing valuable documents or files."4M appreciates the cost-effective approach that offered by Superhub, as it is a perfect match to their primary criteria." Anfernee concluded.



  • Hosted


    PINKBOX Chooses Superhub for Peace of Mind

    PINKBOX is the pioneer in fashion jewelry who opened its first flagship store at the Peak Gallaria, Hong Kong in 1994. After careful planning and set up, PINKBOX opened its first store in Mainland China in 2002. To meet the market demand and technology advancements, PINKBOX grows its market share through online platforms.

    Previously, PINKBOX subscribed to another provider that was running one of the latest email in the market. PINKBOX was upset by the poor support from their previous provider; that made them feel stressful and helpless. PINKBOX needed a better support level; thus, they decided to switch to Superhub's Hosted Exchange for peace of mind." Anfernee Chin, Business Manager at Superhub said.

    "They have no more frustrating downtime. They had made the right choice and haven't looked back. We always strive to offer 7/24 around-the-clock support and high quality services to our clients.?Anfernee commented.

    "Furthermore, PINKBOX operates its offices and stores mainly in Hong Kong and Mainland China; communications and collaborations between the two regions is crucial. A combination of Superhub's Basic and Anywhere Access packages for 60 users offers them huge flexibility and accessibility that fit their unique needs and working patterns." Anfernee described. In a nutshell, effective communications tool improves productivity and generates competitive advantage.



  • Hosted


    Superhub's Reputation for Support Excellence Persuades Imperial Pacific

    Established in 2001, Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. (IPIH) is a listed investment holding company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company, through its subsidiaries, engages in the processing and trading of food products; shares the profit stream from gaming business in Macau; and develops and operates an integrated resort on the Island of Saipan.

    "It is a challenging task to maintain a stable and reliable on-premises platform. Maintaining on-going data backup, applying software updates, and trouble-shooting problems was time-consuming and costly." Jo Ho, Deputy Head of Corporate & Partner Business at Superhub was told. "Key factors including data storage, cost benefits, responsive support, and security, motivated IPIH to explore for a new alternative - hosted solutions." Jo explained.

    "As the leader in hosted Microsoft Exchange service, Superhub was highly recommended by our existing client to IPIH. IPIH first started with 10 users, then popped up to 150 within six months." Jo proudly stated.

    "IPIH has numerous business units around the world. Superhub Anywhere Access package enables their users to collaborate with their cohorts across regions via any mobile device wherever they are connected. Moreover, IT team was freed-up from managing legacy infrastructure, so that they could concentrate on mission critical tasks that facilitate growth." Jo added.

    In addition, IPIH also included Superhub MailCare+ in its subscription, resulting in better security and greater compliance.



  • Hosted


    Imperial Bird's Nest is Impressed by Superhub's Tailored Solutions and Its Trustworthy SLA

    Founded in 1964, Imperial Bird's Nest International Co., Ltd. (IBNI) is an international health food company focusing on traditional Chinese concept of preserving good health. In 1998, IBNI introduced its first "Specialist" retail shop to Hong Kong. Today, it has more than 30 "Specialist" shops spreading over Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland.

    Due to the limitations of the existing hosting platform, such as inadequate domain knowledge and compatibility issues, IBNI was seeking a new email hosting provider. "The main criteria popped up in their mind were support level, accessibility, and flexibility. The advanced features of Microsoft Exchange could fulfill most of their requirements." said Jo Ho, Deputy Head of Corporate and Partner Business at Superhub.

    As the leader in hosted Microsoft Exchange service with its sustainable assurance, Superhub was chosen from a shortlist of prominent service providers.?"IBNI was keen on Superhub's promising 99.99% uptime SLA and 24/7 round-the-clock support. Whenever there is any problem, our team shall be able to provide timely and point-to-point solutions to the end users. After the migration, no more long trouble-shooting time and anxious for IBNI." Jo proudly explained.

    With over 70 users, IBNI also looked for a customized Hosted Exchange solution that could fit to different user requirements in order to maximize the utilization rate and to achieve cost effectiveness. "The combination of Superhub's Basic and Anywhere Access perfectly matched their needs." said Jo. IBNI was also impressed with the Microsoft Exchange’s ActiveSync feature.?"Now, the frequent travelers in IBNI are able to access their emails anytime and anywhere across all devices ?never miss an important message or meeting while on the go." Jo added.

    IBNI's philosophy is "Staying on Top of the Best" The wise choice of current technologies allows IBNI to react more quickly to information and enable collaboration among departments. Being able to spend less effort on supporting the email system will free up more resources for other projects - improving productivity. Consequently, IBNI could gain a better competitive advantage in the industry.



  • Hosted


    Coming Technologies Makes a Sharp Move to Superhub Hosted Exchange

    Coming Technologies Limited (CTL) was established in 1988. Operating in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, CTL is one of the leading watch manufacturers and distributors in the Pacific region. Over 1,200 work forces are hired to support a production of 5 million pieces annually.

    "Running its emails via legacy on-premises Exchange servers for years, CTL was suffered from hardware malfunction from time to time. Both the IT team and its users were frustrated with the unstable server performance. To overcome this hassle, CTL decided to explore for a resolution - cloud was on its top list!" Anfernee Chin, Business Manager at Superhub described.

    After debating between complicated and manageable hosting email options, CTL preferred a more practical solution with a user-friendly interface; thus they picked Superhub's Hosted Exchange based on its remarkable support and flexible package.

    Anfernee elaborated: "CTL had huge concern on the support level and platform stability. With our 99.99% SLA and professionalism, Superhub reduced the costs and potential risks of CTL by delivering a steady platform and timely responses."



  • Hosted


    Superhub's Remarkable Support Enables Nixon Technology to Enhance Its Productivity

    Based in Hong Kong, Nixon Technology Company Limited is a total solutions provider of intelligent building systems ("IBS"). As a total solutions provider, Nixon offers its customers a wide range of capabilities including the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of IBS.

    "The mainstream support of Exchange 2003 was over, Nixon was encountering challenges in the aspects of security issues from their on-premises email servers. There was urgency for Nixon to switch to a more up-to-date and cost-effective email platform." said Anfernee Chin, Business Manager at Superhub.

    "Nixon wanted an enterprise-grade email solution that could match its business scale with an improvement in productivity. Of course, a reliable and reachable support is significant to them." added Anfernee.

    "Almost 150 users were migrated to Superhub's Hosted Exchange smoothly. The full support from Superhub lessened the burden of Nixon's IT department and now it could allocate more IT resources to manage other projects. Apart from the IT department, all users are happy with the upgraded features especially when they could access their emails wherever they go!" said Anfernee.



  • Hosted


    A-1 Bakery Improves Communications - Thanks to Superhub's Support and Mobility

    Founded in 1948 in Osaka, Japan, A-1 Bakery group is a bakery chain specializes in German-style bread. The group aims to provide wholesome and nutritious products that is natural, healthy and delicious to their customers. In 1985, the group opened their first outlet in Hong Kong. In the recent years, A-1 Bakery had further expanded and diversified into food and beverages business. To-date, the group is operating more than 50 bakeries as well as Japanese and Western cuisine outlets in Hong Kong.

    They were using some basic hosted email services from a renowned service provider for years but they were unhappy with the poor support given. "They tried working with their previous service provider when problem arises. But it was basically zero follow-up from them, I was told." said Anfernee Chin, Business Manager at Superhub. "Enough was enough, they decided it was time to find a new provider." Anfernee added.

    They started researching with three key requirements in mind: support, mobility, and security. As a leader in hosted Microsoft Exchange service with industry-leading support, Superhub quickly demonstrated that they are able to meet all their requirements and eliminate their doubts.

    "They were impressed with our 24/7 round-the-clock support and our 99.99% uptime SLA. Besides, we have dedicated account manager and project team to understand their environment and make recommendations according to their unique needs. This is a big difference from their previous service provider." said Anfernee.

    By switching to Superhub's Hosted Exchange, A-1 Bakery now has more features and capabilities than they used to have. Hosted Exchange enabled email access from A-1 Bakery's desktops as well as mobile devices, whether at the home, office or on the road. Data on computers, tablets, and smart phones is effortless synced and backed up. "For this case, their management team is travelling constantly. Microsoft Exchange's ActiveSync allows them to access their emails and communicate with one another securely no matter where they are." he added.

    Today, A-1 Bakery's mobility, security and support are now as robust as their competitors'. They have an enterprise-grade email solution with top-quality support, their users are able to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

    superhub enews a 1 bakery

  • Hosted


    YMCA of Hong Kong Supports Rapid Growth with Superhub Hosted Exchange

    Founded in 1901, YMCA of Hong Kong is a leading Christian association in Hong Kong dedicated to providing services to cater to the social, educational, physical, and spiritual needs of people in Hong Kong..

    The association had been using some simple email service from other provider. As the association grows, they realized that their email system is not sufficient enough to cater for their growing communication needs. Hence, they set out to look for alternatives.

    "They need a scalable, cost-effective email system that is supporting their growth." explained Johnny Cheung, Head of Corporate and Partner Business at Superhub. "We tailor the technology to what they need, and most importantly, it grows with them." Johnny added.

    Nearly 400 users migrated to Superhub's Hosted Exchange successfully. With Superhub, YMCA of Hong Kong is able to fulfill their communications needs with the advanced features of Microsoft Exchange. Superhub's Anywhere Access enables their users to communicate more effectively regardless of where they are

  • Hosted


    Van Shung Chong Group Chooses Superhub for Reliability

    Van Shung Chong (VSC) Group was founded in 1961 as a trader of reinforcement steel to serve Hong Kong's construction and manufacturing needs. The group is engaged in stockholding and distribution of construction materials primarily in Hong Kong and Mainland China. VSC Group operates mainly in four segments: steel distribution, building and design solutions, engineering plastics, and property investment. The group was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1994.

    The group was running their emails via some basic on-premises email solutions. It was a simple email solution and their users were unsatisfied with the limited functions that they have. Besides, unreliable connections to the Mainland China were affecting their day-to-day business communications badly. Thus, they set out to look for resolutions.

    "They wanted an enterprise-grade email solution with advanced security. They needed Microsoft Exchange. But considering the huge upfront investment on the hardware as well as the software licenses, plus the resources required for maintenance, they knew that it was time to move to a hosted Exchange solution." said Johnny Cheung, Head of Corporate and Partner Business at Superhub. "They had prior experience with other renowned provider in the market. But unfortunately it wasn't a pleasant experience." Johnny added.

    Finally, VSC turned to Superhub. They were happy that Superhub could fill all their needs, a hosted Microsoft Exchange email service which includes all of the advanced features that VSC identified as crucial to doing business, coupled with Superhub's reliable service and support.

  • Hosted


    Superhub’s Reputation for Support Excellence Persuades Pacific Coffee

    Founded in 1992, Pacific Coffee is one of the leading coffeehouse chain headquartered in Hong Kong with more than 400 stores in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cyprus. Pacific Coffee became part of China Resources Group in 2010 and had set its eyes on the north with ambitious expansion plan in China. To-date, there are more than 200 stores spreading across various cities in the Mainland China.

    “We were frustrated with the poor support from our previous service provider.” said Davis Lee, Assistant IT Technical Manager at Pacific Coffee. They were using some basic email solution from another service provider. They were not happy with the poor support and limited features that they have with their previous provider.

    “They need more than that. They need more powerful enterprise-grade features, a full-service hosted offering that provide instant, anywhere access to their email communications from any mobile device.” said Johnny Cheung, Head of Corporate and Partner Business at Superhub. “Besides, their previous email solution was not synced with their Active Directory. They have to maintain a separate set of passwords for that. This is painful to the users.”

    “More than anything, they were looking for a service provider who had remarkable service and support. Most providers were in the same ballpark from a price standpoint and offered similar feature sets, but Superhub stood out on reliable service and excellent support.” Johnny added.

    “We choose Superhub based upon the high availability and 99.99% uptime guarantee. Their flexible plans and pricing allows us to scale up or down and combine different plans easily according to our needs.” said Davis.

    “We tailor the technology program to what they need. That’s the reason why they turned to us.” said Johnny.

    About 300 users migrated to Superhub’s Hosted Exchange successfully. With Superhub, Pacific Coffee is able to fulfill their email needs with advanced features of Hosted Exchange. Superhub’s Anywhere Access allows their users to access their emails from anywhere, Superhub’s mobility solution for Blackberry helps ensure that no matter where their users are, they are fully connected.

    superhub pacificcoffee

  • Hosted


    Good Bye, Lotus Notes. Hong Kong School of Motoring Switches to Hosted Exchange

    Established in 1983, Hong Kong School of Motoring is the first and biggest designated driving school in Hong Kong. It operates three broad and well-equipped road safety centers in Ap Lei Chau, Sha Tin, and Yuen Long. With more than 30 years of experience in professional training, Hong Kong School of Motoring is perceived as one of the most trustworthy choice for driving training.

    The school had been running their emails on Lotus Notes. It was always a challenging task for IT because the support was complicated. Considering the time and resources required for maintaining their systems is growing every year, they knew that they needed to make a change.

    “Migrating to Superhub’s Hosted Exchange solution had a positive impact to both the IT staff and their users. Their IT resources are freed up by decommissioning their servers and they are able to redirect their resources to focusing on other projects which are core to their business. Besides, their users are happy, too. With Superhub’s Anywhere Access, their users are able to access their emails regardless of where they are.” said Eric Wong, Senior Business Manager at Superhub.

    superhub hkschoolofmotoring

  • Hosted


    Luxembourg Medicine Boost Productivity with Superhub’s Hosted Exchange

    Established in 1954, Luxembourg Medicine is well known for its exclusive cough relief formula. Its renowned brands such as Madame Pearl’s Cough Syrup and Madame Pearl’s Cough Syrup for Children, are trusted brands among many Hong Kong families. Luxembourg Medicine is a subsidiary company of Wai Yuen Tong Medicine, a listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Wai Yuen Tong Medicine was acquired by Wang On Group in 2001.

    Luxembourg Medicine were using on-premises servers to manage their emails. It was a simple and practically featureless email solution.

    “Wang On Group had been a Superhub customer for years. Superhub had proven to be true professionals in handling their migrations as well as providing on-going support. It was rather an easy decision for them to move from their on-premises servers to Superhub’s Hosted Exchange.” said Johnny Cheung, Head of Corporate and Partner Business at Superhub.

    “In summary, since becoming a customer of Superhub, their productivity is up and their frustrations with emails is down.” Johnny added.

    superhub luxembourgmedicine

  • Hosted


    Forewide Chooses Superhub to Enhance Communications andMobile Productivity

    Forewide Company (HK) Limited was founded in 1993. The company's line of business includes the wholesale distribution of personal care and household cleaning products. Brands distributed by the company include Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, and more. The company is committed to provide world-class service to its vendor with the aim of increasing their products' market competitiveness. To date, Forewide's distribution network covers more than 600 retailers, including pharmacies, drugstores, convenient stores, supermarkets, cosmetics franchises, and more.

    The company had been running their emails via a legacy on-premises email solution. With the increase of mobility with smart phones and mobile workers, providing email access from within the company's legacy system was cumbersome. Apart from mobility limitations, their legacy systems was labor-intensive to support. The time and expense required for maintaining their systems is growing every year. Considering the upgrading costs and the IT resources needed for maintenance, they knew that they needed a hosted solution.

    "To find the right email service provider, they reviewed a number of options from market leading providers. Being one of the largest provider of Hosted Exchange in Hong Kong, the size and technical complexities of this platform demonstrates our experience and expertise." said Jo Ho, Senior Business Manager at Superhub. "Besides, support from service provider is crucial to them. They were impressed with Superhub's 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee and 24/7 support." she added.

    More than 100 users had migrated to Superhub's Hosted Exchange. By upgrading to Superhub's Hosted Exchange, they have a full-service hosted solution that provide instant, anywhere access to their communications from any mobile devices as well as great support and service. Jo concluded that, "It is important that their users are able to access their emails and files from anywhere. Superhub's Anywhere Access helps to ensure that no matter where a Forewide employee is, they are fully connected."

    forewide chooses superhub

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    Exchange & SharePoint

    Superhub Transforms Urban Group's Communications from Basic Necessities to Business Class

    Urban Group is one of the largest private property asset and facility management groups in Hong Kong. The group's services cover all aspects of the Hong Kong real estate market. Urban Group holds a substantial market share of composite residential development assets and manages a total of 100million square-feet of real estate assets. Professional management services reach over one million people across Hong.

    "They were using on-premises servers to manage their emails. It was a simple email solution and they were unsatisfied with the limited functions and features that they have." said Jo Ho, Senior Business Manager at Superhub. "After engaging with the options available to them, it was felt that most of them did not have the flexibility that was needed to deliver on their customized requirements. We offer customization service to tailor our Hosted Exchange solutions to fit their unique requirements. Integration and migration were performed by our experienced Microsoft Certified engineers." she added.

    More than 700 users had migrated to Superhub's Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint. Now that they are on a business-grade hosted solution, Urban Group's employees are able to better communicate and collaborate, and mobile working had increased.

    urban chooses superhub

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    Exchange & SharePoint

    Scout Association of Hong Kong Trusted Superhub for Reliability and Cost-effectiveness

    The Scout Association of Hong Kong is the overall Scouting organization in Hong Kong. Scouting activities were first brought to Hong Kong in the year of 1909. The inaugural Hong Kong Scout Group of St Joseph's College was established in 1913 and was registered at The Boy Scouts Association of the United Kingdom in 1914.The Hong Kong Branch of The Boy Scouts Association was set up in 1915. As of year 2013, the association has a total of 96,324 members, making it the largest uniformed youth organization in Hong Kong.

    The association was using some basic email service from another service provider. Frustrated with the poor support and the frequent downtime from their previous service provider, they set out to look for alternatives. "The association had a hard time with their previous provider as they were extremely unresponsive. Expert technical support seems to be getting harder to find, I was told." said Jo Ho, Senior Business Manager at Superhub. "Let down by their former provider, they are careful this time round. They looked at a number of options from market leading email service providers. After engaging with the options available, they decided that Superhub's Hosted Exchange is the best fit." she added.

    About 1,800 users located at different branches migrated to Superhub's Hosted Exchange. "Support from service provider is crucial to us. If something were to happen, Superhub is just a phone call away." said Kenny Ho, Scout Executive (Information Technology) at Scout Association of Hong Kong. "With Superhub, we have no more frustrating downtime. Moreover, Superhub's flexible plans and pricing allows us to easily scale-up or down according to our needs." He added.

    Today, Scout Association of Hong Kong is communicating and collaborating better than ever with Superhub’s Hosted Exchange. By switching to Superhub, they have a reliable yet reasonably priced email solution. Kenny concluded that, "I recommend Superhub's Hosted Exchange because of the advantageous cost pricing as well as the good service that we received."