Superhub is the leader of Hosted Microsoft Solutions and Cloud Solutions Service Provider in Hong Kong. Superhub offers full range of all-in-one Cloud Computing solutions, platform services and internet services, based on the evolving technology trends and cost-effective advanced technology. Our products cover Cloud Hosting, Hosted Microsoft Applications, Data Center Services, Web Hosting, broadband services and quality IT Support. We currently serve over 140,000 SaaS users and over 2,000 Enterprises customers.
Cloud Hosting Applications Cloud Server Backup
A wide range of Hosted Applications services which allow companies of any size to benefit from these highly effective applications. A full ranges of carrier-class services including state-of-the-art facilities for Managed Private Cloud, Colocation and powerful VPS service. Data is the main asset of any company and no any risk of data loss could be afforded. Backup and protect your virtual data is a not a second to wait.
Connectivity Web Basic  
A full range and high speed wired and wireless interenet connectivity service for enterprises customers both in HK and China. Reliable, high quality web hosting and DNS hosting services on Linux and Windows servers with Exchange Web access mailboxes.