Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of open, flexible and enterprise-grade cloud computing services. Through Microsoft's global network of data centers, it offers PaaS, IaaS and SaaS for customers to meet their infrastructure requirements or, to develop new solutions.

For existing customer applications or any applications to be built, deployed or managed, Azure adds scalability and resources to boost their performance and reliability.


Superhub - Your Trusted Azure Advisor


Superhub is your trusted advisor for Azure deployment. We will be with you to choose the right Azure resources, conduct POC testing, decide on the best approach for integration, and execute the deployment.


Consultations and Recommendations
Professional recommendations and consultancy services on Azure adoption to maximize the return on investment
Infrastructure Utilization Review reports to improve resources optimization


Migration Service
Streamlined migration services to move on-premises resources onto Azure


Azure Backup Service
Backup services for resources on Azure, to Azure Cloud or back to on-premises backup storage


Azure Disaster Recovery Service
Helps customers by leveraging Azure as their cloud DR site


Advanced Azure Monitoring
Remote Resources Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring to ensure applications and services are performing according to the expected service level
Pre-emptive alerts when thresholds are reached for proactive measures to be taken to avoid service interruptions or downtime