Business Benefits of using Superhub's Hosted SharePoint


Enhance Productivity with the user-friendly tools

The user-friendly collaboration tool can connect people with the information they need. You can create team workspaces, coordinate and share documents and post important notices and updates for common usage through communication features including announcements and alerts. Efficient communication can enhance productivity. 

  Take file sharing to a new level with robust storage capabilities

Hosted SharePoint Foundation includes features of document storage and retrieval, check-in and check-out functions, version history and customizable views. It also includes enhanced recycle bin functionality for easier recovery of content and improved backup and restoration. 


Ease the documents management and Ensure integrity of content


The document management capabilities of Hosted SharePoint enables a check-in and check-out functions that you will be alerted when different users access the same document at the same time, so you will take proper action before editing. Hosted SharePoint also enables the ability to view revisions of documents and restore to previous versions. In turn, the Hosted SharePoint help ensure the integrity of documents. 

  Increase working efficiency and Get start easily and quickly
  User interface improvements in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 include enhanced views and menus that simplify navigation within and among SharePoint sites. Integration with familiar productivity tools, including programs in the Microsoft Office system, makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly. For example, users can create workspaces, post and edit documents, and view and update calendars on SharePoint sites, all while working within Microsoft Office system files and programs.
Customize Solutions tailored to your business need
  Superhub can provide you with a customized hosted SharePoint solutions to suit your business need, so your organization can deploy it quickly with the tailor-maded features and process.
Increase efficiency with Flexible Deployment and Easy Management
  Hosted SharePoint's deployment settings is flexibly changed which enables the IT departments to manage and scale easily without putting a lot of time in planning. They can deploy a collaborative environment with minimal administrative time and get started even faster.
Increase Security for business information
  Hosted SharePoint provides IT with advanced administrative controls for increasing the security of information resources, and they can set different level of authority to access the documents which ensure the security.
Scale your collaboration solution to meet your business needs
  Hosted SharePoint enables you to configure through a Web browser or command-line utilities and to manage servers and the site by using the Microsoft .NET Framework
Build a web-based application Cost-effectively
  Hosted SharePoint offers a common framework for document management and collaboration. You can build a flexible and scalable web applications and internal sites. With the integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server 2010 expands the functions further for records management, search, workflows, portals, personalized sites, and even more, so as to save cost for enterprise.