VPS replaces yesterdays dedicated servers by using all new virtualization technologies. VPS takes all the good things from traditional dedicated server and combine it with virtualization technologies to ensure security and easy dynamic deployment. VPS solutions replace the need for a physical server, with complete control, and scalability you will never have to perform arduous migration tasks to upgrade servers. We feel that to get the most out of your hosting experience it is important to engineer our solutions to enable our users with the best performance possible.


What is VPS?


VPS is a technology where it fills a void between shared hosting and dedicated servers, allowing root-level access without requiring sole ownership of a server.  Each VPS has its own set of processes and resource management, and behaves exactly like a stand-alone server. It is suitable for those who wish to have the ownership of server but do not require investment in physical server.


Superhub uses Virtuozzo VPS technology, the leading industry standard for performance, reliability and flexibility. 


Product VPS