DNS hosting service is the company that owns and runs the Domain Name System (DNS) servers that are responsible for keeping record of public IP addresses, and contain a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts."



Why Superhub DNS Hosting?

Highly Reliable

  SuperHub's DNS hosting service features a 100% uptime SLA on DNS resolution to support availability of your mission critical web-based systems and online presence. 
Reduced Cost and Complexity
  Through SuperHub's managed DNS hosting service, customers get immediate support without hardware investment and maintenance costs.



SuperHub's redundant DNS infrastructure provides proven protection against DNS-targeted attacks, helps eliminate any single point of failure and avoid vulnerabilities associated with some open source software.



What Offer?

DNS Service
We provide reliable and extensive managed DNS service with guaranteed uptime and increased website performance.


Domain Name Registration 
We offer domain name registration services for the most popular generic and country code to top-level domain extensions.

Includes DNS Services

.com | .net | .org | .info | .us | .biz

.com.hk | .net.hk | .org.hk | .hk

.cn | .cc

* DNS service allows users to make use of our DNS server to translate the domain name into the

   corresponding IP address for their email and website on the internet.

* DNS zone file update is $150 per request 

* Domain name registration without DNS service required will have 20% discount. 


Domain Name Transfer
It's easy to transfer your domain name to SuperHub from another service provider, allowing you immediate access to a wide range of features, and enjoy the benefits of SuperHub customer service.


Domain Name Renewal
Once your domain name is registered through us or transferred to us, we will inform and advice you to renew it prior domain expiration.