In-house VS Outsourcing
Switching your application from an in-house solution to a fully managed, outsourced hosted solution is certainly a lot easier than you may think. At Superhub, we make the switch for you, with no interruptions or loss of data and before you know it you'll be up and running with a reliable hosted solution that works well.


If you need further support once you're up and running, our support team are just an email or phone call away. With outsourcing services from Superhub, your business instantly achieves many business benefits:


 Higher product performance due to Rich Data Center, hardware and network resources


You and your business are running efficiently under a full secure environment - a secure, reliable and advanced products and services hosted in international class Data Center with full facilities monitoring system.


 Higher privacy and security due to strong technical expertise


You are protected from the ever-changing threat of virus, malware attacks, spam and malware with our secure and reliable Hosted services.


 IT capacity and advance products scales on demand


With the subscription base, the hosted products and services you selected is always be the updated version whilst you need to pay extra for each update in using in-house platform. You can also quickly and easily deploy our services and scale up or down to suit your business needs with the subscription scheme of a pay as you go - pay as what you need.


 Low Total cost of Ownership (TCO)


Outsourced IT service provider, as Superhub, offers you the flexibility to manage and predict your IT costs without having initial upfront investment requied from an in-house solution and infrastructure and all related hidden cost such as downtime cost, server or hardware depreciation over its useful life, extra IT consultant fee, and so on, which leaves you more flexibility in cash resources planning and focus more on expanding core business.