Hosted CRM (Customer Relation Management) Customization
Superhub offers professional Customization service and modifies Microsoft Hosted CRM to meet your needs specific to your organization and industry. We can help tailor the user interface, settings and workflow process.


What can Superhub do for Hosted CRM Customization? 

Tailor the forms and views


Add new fields to the hosted CRM database schema to fit the data needs of a specific industry or business.


Quickly customize any form: accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, orders, and more, so that you can capture and manage the exact data you need to increase sales and service effectiveness.


Modify information views across the solution so that users can see critical information at a glance and sort data across records according to specific business needs.


Create custom templates for mail merge, e-mail, knowledge base articles, and quotes, helping ensure systematic content management and consistent customer messaging.


Modify the business management settings


Use flexible default settings to mirror your business model by mapping organizational structures, including departmental, management, and team structures.


Ensure information is protected, yet accessible, by selecting from a wide range of user roles and access rights, or modify or create roles that fit unique needs.


Automate the business processes


Set up and modify rules that automate business processes, including leads routing and notifications, opportunity and pipeline & case management, and data transfer to other applications.


Use workflow rules or build sales methodologies to automate stages in the selling process and establish milestones for assessing sales activity.


Create customized e-mails and set up specific rules for automatic order fulfillment notification, leads and opportunity follow-ups, service requests follow-ups, and more.


Advanced customizations


Hosted CRM offers a rich environment for advanced customizations, including open application programming interfaces (APIs), a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK), and Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2002 Partners Edition.


Build customized integrations with third-party business solutions, using BizTalk Server technologies.


Extend the solution to Web services—for example, automatically perform credit checks whenever new opportunities are created.


Enhance the functionality to fit specific verticals and industries, or build new applications on top of the Microsoft CRM platform.



Why you need Superhub's Hosted CRM Customization?

Superhub's efficient Hosted CRM Customization helps maximize productivity and minimize maintenance and upgrade costs.

Ensure Maximum Flexibility and Low the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Mold Microsoft CRM (Hosted CRM) to meet specific organizational and industry needs, but do it easily and affordably, with efficient customization processes that reduce costs and ensure high return on investment (ROI).


Automate Existing Business Processes


Easily configurable workflow rules free employees from time-consuming administrative tasks and increase efficiency and accuracy for sales and service processes.


Capture and View the Exact Data you Need


Quickly tailor forms to capture the data you need to close sales and offer consistent customer service, and provide employees the right view of critical customer information.


Customize without Limits


Connected with Microsoft .NET and comprehensive tools, developers can enhance existing functionality, build customized vertical solutions, create integrations with third-party applications, and extend the solution to web services platforms.


Implement Customizations Easily and Rapidly


Microsoft CRM is browser-based, customizations can be published to the entire system in a single upload, with no need to reconfigure individual desktops or laptops.


Upgrade Customizations Smoothly


Microsoft CRM customizations carry forward with upgrades, reducing the burden on IT resources, minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.