Hosted SharePoint Customization

Due to its breadth of capability, you may struggle to use the full power of Hosted SharePoint and in most of the cases, user might only apply small percentage of the overall functionality. Superhub project management services and customization definitely help you deploy your development from the ground up.


If you are looking for 

the help in project management and deployment guidance

a higher level of customization or access to Hosted SharePoint applications

the deployment carry the look and feel, being consistent with your organization

upgrading from an older version of SharePoint


Superhub Project Management Team is dedicated to providing professional SharePoint Customization services for your organization. By deployment it, you will enjoy the incredibly convenient, cost-efficient and logical options, getting all the benefits of its collaboration and content management capabilities. 


Dedicated Design and Deployment

For those who require a dedicated deployment to meet more advanced needs, our team will discuss with you to understand what you need to best use Hosted SharePoint for your business and work out a layout to achieve it for your business efficiency.


Project Management

With our extensive experience of delivering SharePoint projects to customers, we can provide you with strategic consulting that covers the following areas: a roadmap, timeline and program planning for Hosted SharePoint.


Processes and User Experiences

Getting your users to adopt and integrate SharePoint is a key element to its success. We can assist you in creating workflows, timeline and permissions setting for security concern, ensuring you understand the benefits of automation and ease of use.




Upgrade planning service is targeted on those customers who have already implemented SharePoint but would like to get more value from the latest version and features of SharePoint 2010.




With rich experience in deployment Hosted SharePoint, service to on-board your existing in-house SharePoint solution into our Hosted environment is available. The service covers content, permissions and workflows. 


High Availability Design


High availability design can be provided to allow for cross data center failover. In case of the disaster, you data will still be available for business as usual.


Active Directory Integration


We can provide infrastructure to allow customers to have single sign-on.